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A. DMODS can become your site with your own customer domain, colours and logo at no extra cost. Please speak to a member of the team to discuss this option.

How DMODS Works

A. Essentially it works on a sales funnel. Leads come through the top of the funnel, experience the DMDOS platform and are wowed by the features. They then convert to paying customers.

Pricing and Plans

A. The price is per branch. However we do offer multi - buys. Please speak to a member of our sales team to discuss.

A. That is correct, there are no hidden fees. You do not have to pay anymore than the price tag says, unless you want to. We offer the ability to add additional suppliers to help increase your profit and improve your experience. To add these suppliers is a costed service. Each site has 14 connected products as standard when you Purchase the site.


A. It is a vast network where we can connect you with a range of different suppliers to get the best experience from DMODS.

A. Through your DMODS Control Panel, click on the Suppliers Data Exchange ™. Using the search function, look through the list of available options. Or ask a supplier of your choice to become part of the Suppliers Data Exchange.
There is a connection fee of £50 to do this. Contact our team to arrange payment and we will have you connected to them within 24hours of payment being processed.

A.Of course. Get their sales team to contact us directly to arrange this.

A. DMODS is only a software service and does not deal in these matters. Any agreements made such as this are the to be dealt with on a civil matter between the supplier and installer. Any agreements or contracts signs are at your discretion and DMODS or its partners have no affiliation to this.

A. The supplier has the right to terminate their connection with you, as much as you have the right to disconnect from them. If you need a new supplier, a re-connection fee of £25 will be applied. Any issues outside of a re-connection need to be dealt with as a civil matter.

Technical Support

A. DMODS is a linked plug-in and does not affect or alter your websites code. DMODS or its affiliates are not responsible for this and suggested you speak to your webmaster.

A. DMODS is Java based. Java needs to be updated regularly otherwise it can cause running issues. Please go here to update:

A. We have tried tested DMODS to run on all systems but we do have an optimum performance: Minimum System Requirements Processor: AMD Athlon 64 / Intel Pentium
Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive: 1GB
Software: Windows 7, 8 and 10
Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Fire Fox and Microsoft Edge

We have a technical team to deal with this. Please contact us directly.