About D MODS

Dmods is a new concept, created and designed primarily for the window and door industry. The dynamic modules we have built, will give any window company, trade outlet, or individual the opportunity to increase sales, give quotations and upgrade their current website without any disturbance to its current functions.

It will integrate seamlessly into your current website, introducing a super dynamic section that will completely enhance your customer’s experience. All of our dynamic modules can be linked to any of your preferred suppliers. So instant up-to-date pricing means your website would be fully operational 24/7.

Any product updates would automatically be activated by your supplier. These product modules Dmods have created are world class and we truly believe they have the wow factor. We are also providing a Dmods pricing tool for all of your products that can be installed onto your shop or trade counter pc. This can be used to accurately give instant quotations or sales, and products price breakdown. Another huge benefit, no training is required.


The Dmods App is available at no extra cost meaning your customer base can download this completely free of charge

By Having your Dmods app you can choose to enlarge your customers base.

For example:

  • Open up retail sales
  • Taken on supply only
  • DIY
  • *Supply to window fitters
  • *Supply to builders
  • *Supply to trade companies

Quotes can also be saved on the App and back to their website account.

All products can be ordered and paid for from within the app if they wish.